Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Final Cut Pro/TV Filming training

So after having camera training and editing training we were told to go out and film anything for criticism in this Thursday's lecture to make sure we were picking up the basics (at least). I decided to go to a local leisure centre where I interviewed a martial arts instructor about what they do and what it is all about.


We were told certain things about filming, and rules that should be followed. For instance the 'rule of thirds' by which the person your interviewing's eyes must be a third in and a third down whilst looking to one side (not directly at the camera). We also ere told how to focus the camera, and complete a white balance so the colours dont come out dodgy. We were also advised to always use a gun-mic and not rely on the mic that came with the video camera, however due to high demand there were none available.

One of my flaws after watching back the video is that I done my interview in front of a window (not directly in front but the sun was so bright from the outside it creates a blur on the side of the picture.

After importing my video in to final cut pro, I was told that my video was not rendered. We hadn't come across this in any lectures or training sessions although after a quick look on google I managed to find out that it was easily remedied. Saying this, once the video was rendered the sound began to stutter slightly, i'm sure I will find out why and how this happened.

So here is my video, all other criticisms are welcome bearing in mind this is the first video interview I have made!!


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